TANAPHAR Rubber injection port & Straight Needle Infusion set

The infusion set is an essential tool in the medical industry to support the treatment of serious diseases or to cope with the patient’s condition requiring intravenous infusion.

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Product information 

Component material

The infusion set is made up of the following materials:

  • Qualified MABS, PVC, ABS, or other qualified medical primary plastic. DEHP -free.
  • Qualified needles, 1 winged butterfly or 2 winged butterfly needles. Or other types according to customer’s request.

Outstanding features

  • Bottle needle: made from standard ABS or other primary plastic, hard, sharp, pointed, tight needle cap protects the needle tip well.
  • Air inlet made from standard PVC or other virgin plastic, with a sterile air filter design made of PP non-woven fabric.
  • Elector to count drops: a chamber with two points to push the bottle needle. Or vote 2 compartments. The bulb is made from standard PVC or other primary plastic, transparent to help easily observe and monitor the drop count (20 drops is equivalent to 1ml), the bulb volume is ≥ 8.5ml, has a fluid filter design.
  • Conductor: made of PVC or other standard virgin plastic, coated with silicone, soft, flexible, tough and highly elastic, not broken when stored and used. Wire length 1500mm, 1550mm, 1650mm, 1700mm, 1800mm, 1950mm (error ±10%) or other length according to customer’s request. Wire inner diameter 3mm (error ±10%), wire outer diameter 4.1mm (error ±10%); or other diameter according to customer’s request.
  • Flow regulator: made from standard ABS or other virgin plastic, including troughs and rollers that move easily, without cracks, cracks, and burrs.
  • Drug dispensing port:

– Straight dosing port: soft, not broken during use.

– Or Y-shaped port: made from MABS or other standard primary plastic, hard, transparent, must not have cracks, cracks, burrs.

  • Needle connector: conical or twisted end, must not have cracks, cracks, burrs.
  • Needles are of different types: needles, 1-pointed butterfly needles or 2-pointed butterfly needles. Needle made of stainless steel. 3 edge beveled needle tip, sharp, no burrs. The needle body is smooth, evenly rounded, no warping, no impurities inside, covered with silicone. The needle bar or butterfly wing has a color to help distinguish the needle size according to international standards and is firmly attached to the needle body without causing leakage, safe to use.
  • The tight needle cap protects the needle well.
  • Qualified: EN ISO 13485: 2016 & CE 0197

Purpose of use

  • Used to infusion

Instruction for use

  • Close the dropper lock.
  • Insert the bottle needle into the infusion bottle.
  • Hang the bottle on the rack, adjust the amount of liquid to about ½ of the dropper body.
  • Open the vent plug and lock the dropper, expelling all the air in the hose.
  • Fasten the needle to the infusion line, set the appropriate drip rate and start the infusion.


  • Do not transfuse blood, incompatible substances with infusion lines.
  • Single use only
  • Do not use if packing bag is open or damaged.


  • 01 set/ bag
  • 25 bags/ pack


  • In a cool & dry places.


  • 5 years

Product circulation number

  • 2100268ĐKLH/BYT-TB-CT


  • Vietnam

Manufactured and distributed by


  • Address: Thanh Oai Industrial Complex, Bich Hoa commune, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi.
  • Tel: Northern: 0964 775 178, Central: 0964 625466; South: 0964 589296; Sales Rep: 0968 174279
  • Web: www.tanaphar.com
  • Email: kinhdoanh@tanaphar.com

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