TANAPHAR Intravenous Cannula 20G

Intravenous Cannula is a medical device that helps to prevent vein rupture when administering fluids, water or drugs into the vein for the patient. Intravenous Cannula is a type of needle including 01 stainless steel needle and 01 soft plastic tube. Once inserted into the vein, the needle will be withdrawn and the flexible plastic tube will remain in the vein. As a result, patients can easily move, reduce pain and reduce the risk of infection.

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Product information

Component material

  • Intravenous Cannula include: 01 stainless steel needle and 01 soft plastic tube from primary medical plastic
  • No DEHP

Outstanding features

  • Made from medical plastic so the tube wall (catheter) is thin and strong enough as well as elastic helps hug fasten to the stainless steel needle.
  • The needle tip design is beveled, sharp, minimizing pain. Transparent needle for easy viewing of bleeding.
  • There is a microfilter on the needle bar.
  • Available swivel cap to seal the catheter after removal of the ‘steel’ needle.
  • There is a safety guard that seals the steel needle tip after withdrawing the needle from the catheter barrel.
  • Needle with wings convenient to fix the needle.
  • Sterilized by EO gas
  • Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic.
  • Standards: ISO 13485: 2016


  • Limiting vein rupture when administering fluids, water or drugs into the vein for patients
  • Patients can easily move, reduce pain and reduce the risk of infection.

Instruction for use

  • Select the appropriate vein, the vein is less prominent & mobile (can choose the patient’s non-dominant hand)
  • Sterilize the needle site twice
  • Perform the technique after 30 seconds
  • Use the index finger and thumb of your dominant hand to hold the needle bar
  • The index finger and thumb of the other hand stretch the surface of the skin at the puncture site
  • Holding the beveled tip upside down, insert the needle into the vein at a 30° angle to the skin surface until blood spurts out
  • Lower the needle parallel to the skin, push the needle about 0.3cm deeper, push the catheter into the vein
  • Place your middle finger on the tip of the catheter
  • Hold the needle bar with your index finger
  • Secure the catheter needle bar firmly with adhesive tape


  • Use it once
  • Use immediately after opening the package
  • To check that the needle is in the correct position, simply inject a small amount of Natriclorid 9%
  • Need to rotate needle placement every 48-72 hours.

Intravenous Cannula can be used in combination with the Threeway Stopcock and Infusion set.


  • 01 pcs/bag
  • 100 bags/box


  • In a cool & dry places.


  • 3 years

Manufactured and distributed by


  • Address: Thanh Oai Industrial Complex, Bich Hoa commune, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi.
  • Tel: Northern: 0964 775 178, Central: 0964 625466; South: 0964 589296; Sales Rep: 0968 174279
  • Web: www.tanaphar.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tanaphar
  • Email: kinhdoanh@tanaphar.com

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