QUICKSEVEN One-Step Pregnancy Test Strip

QUICKSEVEN Pregnancy Test Strip helps detect early pregnancy with 98% accuracy, 7 to 10 days after intercourse

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Product information

Material components

  • Monoclonal antibodies against LH-∝
  • Monoclonal antibodies against LH-β
  • Antibodies against lgG chuột
  • HAuCl4; Na2HPO4; NaH2PO4; Sucrose; NaCl; Triton-X; PVA-10; PVP-10; NaCO3.

Outstanding Features

  • In accordance with ISO 13485:2016

Purpose of use

  • Helps detect early pregnancy after intercourse 7 – 10 days

Instruction for use

Carry out testing:

  • Collect urine in the morning as soon as you wake up (at that time hCG is the hormone that helps detect pregnancy with the highest concentration)
  • Remove the test strip from the pouch and use it within 10 minutes (each test strip is for single use only).
  • Dip the test strip into the urine cup in the direction of the arrow, so that the surface of the urine is not submerged above the arrowhead printed on the test strip. After 10 to 15 seconds, place the test strip horizontally on a clean, dry surface, read the results after 5 minutes and before 10 minutes.

See the result:

  • PREGNANT (positive):  On the test strip appeared 2 pink horizontal lines on the C and T side.
  • NOT PREGNANT (negative): On the test strip appears a pink horizontal line on the C side.
  • FAILURE DETTECT: No pink horizontal line appears on the test strip (due to incorrect test operation, failed urine sample, or improper storage. In this case, it is recommended to retest with a new test strip)


HCG levels are still low in early pregnancy, when tested can give a negative result (due to testing too early). If in doubt, the test should be repeated with another urine sample after 48 hours. In some cases, the test results may not reflect the new interpretation.

  • The test strip bag is torn or opened, the test strip is contaminated with moisture leading to damage.
  • Test urine sample is not pure due to blood contamination; or the tester uses drugs such as sedatives, diuretics, anticonvulsants… (These drugs can remain in the body for a few days after the last dose) may give false positive results.
  • The tester has injected HCG to stimulate ovulation (Propharse, Pregnil …) or to maintain the luteal phase, the signs of the hormone can persist in the body for up to 10 days after the last dose, following which there will be erroneous test results (false positives).
  • The test process did not follow the instructions.
  • Due to the body of the tester (accounting for a small percentage) is not pregnant, but the body often has a higher concentration of HCG than normal people, which may give false positive results when tested.
  • The determination of pregnancy is based on HCG levels, which will not distinguish a normal pregnancy from an abnormal pregnancy.
  • The product is for single use only and for one test only.


  • 01 test + 01 plastic cup/box


  • Store at 4-30oC, protect from sunlight.


  • 30 months

Product disclosure number

  • 220000711/PCBB-BYT


  • Vietnam

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  • Tel: Northern: 0964 775 178, Central: 0964 625466; South: 0964 589296; Sales Rep: 0968 174279
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  • Email: kinhdoanh@tanaphar.com

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