Immediately after confirming the purchase between the two parties, We will proceed to delivery as agreed.

1. Transportation method

  • Depending on the order and the transport route such as: by road, by car or motorbike we will have method of shipping goods quickly, punctually and timely to customers nationwide.

2. Packaging and shipping

  • We will pack, seal and transport to you, and also inform you of the arrival time.
  • When receiving the goods please directly check the goods, if there is a problem about: type, quality, quantity, please request feedback immediately to us for promptly processed.
  • For customers who have payed in advanced, if customer does not receive the goods when it is due, we will contact customers to negotiate about the delivery of new products. If the customer disagrees, we will refund.

3. Documents accompanying merchandise when sending

  • Value-added invoices.
  • Delivery receipt.

4. Shipping rates

  • We offer free shipping within Hanoi city.
  • For customers in other areas: Shipping charges depend on the shipping route or by agreement between the two parties.
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