Ms Lê Phương - Bank officer

As a mother, I always choose products that are gentle and safe for my children. I have used many products from the Tanaphar brand and I feel very satisfied. Until now, the baby has been over 2 years old, developing healthy, dynamic and lovely. I am pregnant with my second baby and will continue to trust Tanaphar products in the near future.

Ms Hải An - Communications Manager

The busy working life makes me often forget to take care of myself. Due to the frequent communication work, I am very worried about how to keep my teeth white with fresh breath, confident with partners and colleagues. Thank Tanaphar for designing very convenient Oraltana floss products, suitable for sensitive teeth like me.

Mr Phạm Hoàng Vương Long - Graphic design

 I often search and try out products made by local manufacturers. Three years ago, on one occasion, I was introduced to Tanaphar's face masks by friends and keep using it until now. Tanaphar is a very high quality Vietnamese brand. Hope you guys continue to grow in the future. 

Mr Lê Minh Quang - Freelancer

Yesterday, I opened my medicine cabinet and I recognized that there are too many Tanaphar products in it. Wish the company thrive and have more quality products to serve everyone in future.

Ms Hoàng Hải Yến - Mother of Míp

 Finally after a long time of looking forward, my husband and I broke down in the happiness of welcoming Mip. Thank you Tanaphar, the company's pregnancy test / ovulation duo is really helpful for us during the journey to find a baby. Once again, I would like to send my love and wishes to all of you.

Mr Nguyễn Trọng Nhân - Dentist

When it comes to masks, we must mention Tanaphar. I use Tanaphar's activated carbon medical masks in the my clinic and family. Particularly, for my little children, the 3D type Children are comfortable to use. Convenient and safe products with high aesthetic. Awesome! 

Chúng tôi sẽ gửi báo giá cho bạn sớm nhất ^^