Our quality objectives

  • Our most important goal is to provide medicine, functional foods, medical equipments ... with highly competitive in quality, creating sustainable value by the trust that customers send through the products we bring.
  • Our targets include: providing high quality products, reasonable prices, diverse models, excellent customer service through constant improvement in both quality and product design.

Tanaphar Joint Stock Company is committed to

  • Quality is always attached to every activity in order to provide the best products. Quality determines the existence of our Company, so we differentiate ourselves from other suppliers by focusing on the production of high quality products that require special attention to every detail. Therefore, our products always receive compliments from customers.
  • Improve regularly and continuously the quality system to have products with higher quality, reasonable prices. more suitable to meet customers' needs. Striving to be a supplier of products in the pharmaceutical market in general and medical equipment in particular that all customers towards.
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