Effects of frequent baby’s nose suction

is it ok to frequent baby’s nose suction is probably a question that many people ask when their little one often has respiratory problems causing airway obstruction, stuffy nose, runny nose, and difficulty breathing. Please find the answer in the article below of Tanaphar!

Baby often has respiratory problems causing airway obstruction, stuffy nose, runny nose, difficulty breathing due to mucus and phlegm filled in the oral cavity and sinuses. So baby’s nose suction is one of the essential things moms should do.

However, many people wonder if is it ok to frequent baby’s nose suction . The answer is that if you abuse baby’s nose suction, it can create pressure and cause damage to the baby’s nasopharyngeal mucosa. So only suction baby’s nose when the baby has difficulty breathing, must open the mouth to breathe. Because if the baby can still breathe, the more the mother sucks and picks, the more the nasal mucosa is stimulated to secrete. When the baby’s nose is clear, air can flow from one side of the nose to the other, so you don’t need to continue sucking.

Many mothers worry that frequent baby's nose suction is okay
Many mothers worry that frequent baby’s nose suction is okay

Parents should not suction baby’s nose by mouth, but should use a nasal aspirator to make nasal suction simpler, more effective and hygienic. The frequency of baby’s nose suction will depend on the condition of the mucus in your baby’s nose. To know if suction baby’s nose has any effect, parents need to consult a doctor.

When to suction baby’s nose

For babies who do not know how to spit up phlegm, aspiration is necessary to ensure the child’s breathing. To answer the question if frequent baby’s nose suction is okay, it is necessary to know the cases in which you should aspirate your baby’s nose:

  • Children have symptoms of lethargy because of high fever, difficulty breathing due to too much mucus in the nose
  • Young children with wheezing, difficulty breathing, unable to spit or blow their nose
  • The child’s breathing is difficult due to lack of oxygen
  • Children with respiratory problems: upper respiratory infections, green sputum, allergic rhinitis, bronchiolitis …
  • Suction baby’s nose as prescribed by a specialist.

    Don't suction baby's nose by mouth
    Don’t suction baby’s nose by mouth

Guide to suction baby’s nose properly

The suction of sputum, nasal mucus for babies can be done at the hospital or at home. In the hospital, medical staff will use a specialized sputum suction machine in cases of pneumonia, rhinosinusitis, bronchiolitis …

If the child is cared for at home and the doctor prescribes daily nasal aspiration, parents will be instructed on how to aspirate sputum with specialized tools such as a pump or nasal aspirator.

Here is a guide to suction baby’s nose by pump to help you somewhat understand what’s wrong with frequent suction baby’s nose:

  • Step 1: Lay the baby down with the head tilted to one side, drop about 1-2 drops of physiological saline solution into the nose to thin the mucus. Try to keep the saline solution in the baby’s nose for about 10 seconds.
  • Step 2: Wait for 2-3 minutes for the mucus to be most diluted, then keep the baby’s head in a lower position than the feet so that the solution can go deep into the nose. If the baby is still wheezing, add physiological saline.
  • Step 3: Push all the air in the pump out before placing it in the baby’s nose. When placed, the tip of the syringe and the nose must be sealed and then gently aspirate the mucus.

Note: Do not put the pump too deep inside because it is easy to cause damage to the nose. After suctioning out the mucus, it is necessary to immediately remove and clean the syringe to continue aspirating the other nostril. The suction operation is the same as just done.

Parents can conduct suction of mucus 2-3 times until the baby clears the stuffy nose and breathes easily. At the same time, you must learn the knowledge of frequent baby’s nose suction through the advice of a doctor.

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Where to buy safe, quality nasal aspirator for babies?

Using a baby nasal aspirator is an extremely simple operation and can be done at home. To answer the question if frequent baby’s nose suction is okay, you must make sure that aspirating with a nasal aspirator will not affect the baby’s nasal mucosa. Parents should choose reputable manufacturers of nasal aspirators that fully meet hygiene and safety standards.


Tanaphar's baby nasal aspirator
Tanaphar’s baby nasal aspirator

There are many types of nasal aspirators for children on the market, each with its own design and advantages. However, you should prioritize choosing Vietnamese brands, products that have been certified by the Ministry of Health.

With a reputation and brand name in the field of medical equipment, Tanaphar is committed to providing customers with quality, effective baby nasal aspirators at the best prices.

hút mũi nhiều cho trẻ có sao không
hút mũi nhiều cho trẻ có sao không

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