Ear cleaning hurts is a symptom of what disease? Some notes to remember

Ear cleaning hurts can be a warning sign of some dangerous diseases. Therefore, ENT specialists warn, when getting ear cleaning hurts, you should go to a specific doctor to find out the cause and treat it.

Is ear cleaning hurts dangerous?

Just like other parts of the body, when you feel pain in your ear, it means that your ear may have some dangerous disease. Ear, nose and throat specialist said: Ear cleaning hurts is the first warning sign that your ear has a problem. It is best not to be subjective and go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Because, the structure of the ear is very special, it is located deep inside. Therefore, only specialized instruments, using the form of endoscopy, can clearly see the pathologies of the ear. To protect healthy ears, you need to keep in mind that: When you feel unusual pain in the ear, you should visit an early doctor for thorough treatment and quick recovery from the disease.

Some patients wonder: Is ear cleaning hurts dangerous? In response to this, the doctors said: Painful ear picking warns of many dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is difficult to conclude how dangerous it is. Here are some causes of ear cleaning hurts.

Ear cleaning hurts can be very dangerous
Ear cleaning hurts can be very dangerous

Causes of ear cleaning hurts

Warning of diseases related to the ear

ETN specialist warns: When you got ear cleaning hurts, it is most likely a warning sign of one of the dangerous diseases of the ear. These are diseases such as: otitis externa, otitis media, foreign objects in the ear, ear swelling, damage…. Depending on the level of pain and the state of your body, you should determine if it is necessary. Go see a doctor or not.

For example, if you pick your ear and it hurts, accompanied by ear bleeding, swelling, pain in the ear… At this time, you should not treat ear disease at home but should see a specialist. Doctors will use an endoscope to diagnose your ear disease. From there, the specialist will have a specific treatment direction for the ear disease.

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Ear picking is too strong and deep

The skin of the ear canal is very thin and easily damaged. That’s why you should use soft cotton swabs, clean the outside of your ears. If in the case of thick, dense earwax, you should go to a specialist for assistance in removing earwax properly.

You should see a specialist when you have ear cleaning hurts
You should see a specialist when you have ear cleaning hurts

Perforated eardrum leads to ear cleaning hurts

The eardrum plays an important role in ensuring the hearing of the ear. If you have a perforated eardrum, you are at risk of becoming deaf (or unable to hear sound). Medical statistics show that many patients have perforated eardrums due to improper ear picking.

One of the signs that you have a perforated eardrum is ear cleaning hurts. Or, pain deep inside the ear. So, when you see any unusual pain in the ear, you should not be subjective. Injuries to the eardrum can be repaired and treated to help you ensure your hearing.

Instructions on how to properly clean your ears from a specialist

Proper and safe ear cleaning is a recommendation that doctors always remind patients.

The proper way to pick your ears

According to experts, ear picking should be gentle to avoid injuring the ear. You should keep in mind the 3 no’s rule of ear picking: Not too deep – Not often – Do not use sharp objects. Clean the ears in parts such as: the outer rim of the ear, around the ear canal.

Choose standard and quality cotton swabs

Sorttana cotton swabs
Sorttana cotton swabs

One of the causes of painful ear picking is due to poor quality cotton swabs. Therefore, consumers must pay special attention to how to choose cotton swabs. Buy any kind of cotton swab to pick your ears painlessly.

Experience from doctors shows that cotton swabs should use branded cotton, which is censored by the Ministry of Health. Sometimes, the fact that you subjectively do not pay attention to the origin and origin of cotton swabs will cause the ear to face the risk of infection.

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