Condom reduces the chance of pregnancy and the risk of sexually transmitted infections

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Product Information

Component material

  • Latex is safe for health

Outstanding features

  • Standard ISO 13485: 2016


  • Reduces the chance of pregnancy and the risk of sexually transmitted infections

Instruction for use

Step 1:

  • Tear off the condom at the notch on the top of the bag. Condoms are usually placed in an aluminum or tin bag, with serrated ends at both ends for easy tearing.
  • Do not use sharp objects such as scissors, knives, etc. to tear the condom bag because it will increase the risk of tearing the condom.
    Take care not to puncture your fingernails or sharp objects such as jewelry.

Step 2:

  • Push all the air out by gently squeezing the small nipple at the top of the condom before putting on the condom to prevent it from breaking during sex.

Step 3:

  • Wear a condom when the penis is erect. Put the condom on the tip of the penis, check the direction of the condom, the ring must be on the outside, use the other hand to roll down the base of the penis.
  • During sex, if the condom is rolled up, roll it back down immediately to prevent the condom from slipping out. If it slips out, stop having sex and put on a new condom.

Step 4:

  • After ejaculation, withdrawing the penis must hold the condom at the base of the penis to avoid spilling semen into the vagina.
  • Then take out the bag, wrap it carefully and put it in the trash.


  • 12 pcs/box


  • In a cool & dry places.

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