DENEX Three Way Stopcock 

Three Way Stopcock can be used with intra-arterial and intra-venous systems. It provides 3-way flow (from inlet to outlet, inlet to side-port or side port to outlet) by use of the handle on the top of the stopcock to open and close lines. The device can also be used to reduce to lines down to one, for drugs/drug infusion purposes and for the attachment of extension lines. This product is suitable for lipids, cytostatics, antiseptics and other drugs of high caustic power.

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Product information 

Component material

  • Medical primary plastic
  • No DEHP

Outstanding features

  • EO gas sterilization
  • Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic.
  • Arrows indicate direct transmission.
  • Transparent plastic helps  observe the flow.
  • Luer knob 6% according to international standards.
  • Liquid blocking available
  • Rotate dead space for precise drug delivery
  • Hydrostatic pressure up to 60 psi
  • All ends are tighly locked
  • Blue pin for arterial and venous display.
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Standard ISO 13485: 2016


  • Support to pump drugs into the vein
  • The design ensures a secure connection with the needle and infusion line through the joints without any leakage.

Instruction for use

  • First disconnect the line by pulling the lock or turning the round end of the fork 3 towards the line you want to stop.
  • Next, open the pump.
  • Disinfect the tip with an alcohol swab.
  • The operation of installing saline injection pump to expel the amount of drug in the fork 3, then install the drug pump, proceed to pump slowly and monitor the patient.
  • Once the injection is complete, refill the saline before reopening the infusion.

Three way stopcock can be used in combination with butterfly scalp vein set and intravenous cannula


  • 80 pcs/ box


  • In a cool & dry places.


  • 3 years

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