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GOLD TANA mercury thermometer

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GOLD TANA mercury thermometer
Đánh giá bài viết

Gold Tana mercury thermometer is manufactured according to ISO: 13485: 2013, ISO: 9001: 2008,


Body temperature measurement is convenient and accurate.

How to use Golg Tana mercury thermometer:

In order to measure accurate temperature, you must do as the following steps when measuring
body by mercury thermometer:

Hold the thermometer’s tail, using the force hand to swing the thermometer down to below 35 o C
Put the mercury thermometer to the test place and keep the mercury thermometer for at least 5-7 minutes.
Pull out and read the results displayed on the thermometer.
After using the thermometer, you must use a towel to clean the thermometer’s head if necessary, immerse it in alcohol and clean the thermometer and storage in box.

Which place in body that measurements should be taken accurary?

With mercury thermometers, measurements should be taken in the armpit for the most accurate results.


1 piece in box, 12 boxes/ middle box,
60 middle boxes/ carton