About Us

TANAPHAR joint stock company is one of the leading company to produce pharmaceutical, supplement foods, instrument, medical devices in Vietnam.

Our company has complete facilities, the factory system with a modern production line, warehouse systems, system testing, quality assurance system, management system are conformity with the standard issued Ministry of Health of VietNam. Our staff has a high technical level, dynamic, innovative, experienced and enthusiastic in their work. Many collaborators are leading scientific experts from universities and Research Institutes in VietNam and from abroad.


Phối cảnh công ty Tanaphar

With wide distribution system, our company’s products already delivered on the market of Vietnam and the world which expertise highly and people trusted in.

Looking forward to the international integration, our company always focus on expanding cooperative relations with many partners come from European Union (EU), US, Japan, Korea, China

Chất lượng

Towards to Quality – Efficient – Safety, our company always improve technological innovation, investment in modern production line for the production of high quality products for healthcare of the people and deserves our company’s position as the leading prestigious company in VietNam and over the world.